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Dear Internet Marketer,

One of the hardest things you can do is to identify a profitable niche. Sure, you have ideas for products, but are they going to be profitable or not?

That's the $64,000 question that can make the difference between a profitable product and one that sinks into obscurity.

Until now, many marketers have struggled with the concept of product research and instead prefered to follow the herd in the hope they can make some money from the scraps left by the big boys.

Now is the time for you to break away from the herd and to follow your own fortunes. You can create profitable products and discover niches that will make you money day in and day out.


The How To Research A Product Program has been specially designed to give you a step by step guide to researching your product ideas and finding niches that will earn you $$$$.

Anyone can create a product, but creating a profitable product is something that eludes many marketers.

It doesn't matter whether you are a web guru or a web novice, you can apply the techniques in this course to your site and benefit from them.

The How To Research A Product program is designed to give you a complete view of niche research from looking for ideas to checking out the competition and how you can beat them.

With the knowledge contained in this course you can learn how to create profitable products that will earn you a good income.

You Too Can Discover Profitable Niches

Finding a profitable niche really has never been easier for you to do than it is now. You are now curious to see exactly what is in this powerful course ...


Video 1 - All About Product Research

  • Learn why product research is so important
  • Understand the need to create a product that has buyers ready and waiting for it

Video 2 - Keyword Research

  • Learn how to research keywords using free online tools
  • Quickly and easily identify profitable keywords
Video 3 - Ideas Site
  • Get information straight from the horse's mouth on what people want - a great information site for anyone wanting to find profitable ideas
Video 4 - Product Research Site
  • Look over my shoulder as I show you how to use one of the biggest marketplaces there is to find out what is selling and to get product ideas
Video 5 - Niche Research Site
  • Find out exactly what products people are buying in this incredibly in depth market research site
Video 6 - Incredible Research Tool
  • Look over my shoulder as I guide you step by step through using a great new site that will not only give you product ideas but tell you what people want
Video 7 - Massive Research Site
  • Discover a HUGE resource for researching niches
  • Learn not only if a product is profitable but get potential buyers to tell you exactly what they want from your product
Video 8 - Market Research
  • Learn how you can research the market to find out if the niche is indeed profitable or if it is a turkey
Video 9 - Competitor Research
  • Learn how to see what your potential competitors are doing
  • Understand how you can beat them at their own game and create a better product


And of course, I can't leave you with just that when there are so many more things I could give you to help you build a profitable business.

Yes ... Of Course There Is More

Along with the How To Research A Product video series above (running for over an hour and a half!), you will get every single one of these bonus items completely free to help you make the most from your information products.

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The Secrets of Making Money Online Using
PLR and Resell Rights Content

Table of Contents
Profiting from Private Label Rights Content
- Creating a New Content from PLR
- Getting Others to Give You Unique Content – For Free
Using PLR Content as a Lead Generator
- Mailing List Bait
- Autoresponder Content
- Selling Content for Cheap on eBay
Using PLR as Web Content
- Trust and "Stickiness"
- AdSense and Affiliate Links
- Drawing in Search Engine Traffic
- Using PLR Content on Your Blog
Posting PLR Content on Other Sites
- Posting on Niche Forums
- Submitting Content to Article Directories
- Submitting Your Ebooks to Other Sites
- PLR Content Free All Over the Web
What About Selling the PLR Content?
Profiting from Resell Rights Content
Marketing Resell Rights Products from Your Site
- Differentiating Yourself
- A Word About Your Sales Letter
How to Drive Traffic and Make Sales
- Selling Resell Rights Products to Your List
- Recruiting Affiliates and Joint Venture Partners
- Using the PPC Search Engines to Attract Customers
- Other Promotional Ideas
How to Make Money Fast with Resell Rights and PLR Products
- Pre-Launch Buzz Tip

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Profitable Niches Rock!

If you can identify a profitable niche then you can create a product in it and earn from it.

It could take you a week to identify a niche and create a product, if you go slowly. What if this product earned you $100 a week?

What if you created one profitable niche product per week for a year? 52 products earning $100 a week? $5,200 a week? Nice!

Profitable niches are out there and you can easily find them if you know what you are doing. The How To Research A Product program will show you exactly how you can find profitable niches and exploit them.

When you purchase the How To Research A Product program you will have a full 60 days to review the product and ensure your satisfaction. I am 100% confident you will be absolutely delighted with everything you will learn from this high quality video training. You are covered by my iron clad, no quibbles satisfaction policy which means if you are not totally delighted with this program you will get a rapid and courteous refund.

Product research is perhaps the most vital part of information marketing. If you can identify profitable markets then you can reap the financial benefits of it.

This step by step course will show you how to research product ideas and to find out if there is a market and if you should create a product.

Yes Mike! I Want To Learn How To Research Profitable Products


I want to learn how to research profitable products! Show me the step-by-step process by which I can learn how to master the search engines.


I am acting FAST -- So please let me take advantage of this crazy offer for just $37 before I come to my senses and raise it back up to $67!


I understand that I have a full 60 days money-back guarantee to examine my video course. And, if, I'm not satisfied in any way, I'll receive full and courteous refund of my purchase price.


I understand that I these powerful tools are not for everyone and that by accepting this offer I accept I can massively increase my income by creating profitable products.

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There are hundreds and thousands of potential niches out there all desperate for new information products, so download your copy of the How To Research A Product course today and start working now towards your online profit. You too can be finding profitable niches and creating hot, profitable information products.

Yours in success and profit,

Mike Nagle

p.s. Remember, you can download the How To Research A Product program today completely risk free! Try it for 60 days and see just how much you can learn about it.

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